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What is Sound Masking?

How does adding sound increase privacy and reduce distractions?

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Speech Privacy is the measurement of the ease with which an unintentional listener can understand a private conversation.

With the addition of Sound Masking nearby conversations becomes less intelligible to others. Therefore distractions are reduced and privacy is increased. Research shows that the addition of Sound Masking can increase speech privacy from 35% to 90%.

How does sound masking enhance productivity?

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Conversational distractions are a leading cause of workplace discomfort.

Surveys show that workers in offices without the benefit of Sound Masking can lose as much as 21.5 minutes per day of their productivity.

Research also shows that there is a 10% improvement in people’s ability to recollect a series of numbers and words after the addition of Sound Masking

What is The Elite Solution?

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The Sound Masking Systems that Elite offer uniformly disperse a pre-tuned Sound Masking signal directly into the workspace. The result is a consistent sound throughout the space that is easily achievable.

Why choose Elite Acoustic Solutions Limited?

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The team at Elite have vast experience in Sound Masking products and in the markets that benefit from this technology, and we are fully authorised designers & installers of the Cambridge Sound Management Inc Systems.

We offer a full turnkey solution for all masking needs; covering initial site survey / onsite demonstration, detailed customer designs, including full wiring diagrams, installation, commissioning and ongoing sales, maintenance and technical support.

Our service covers the whole of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Channel Isles and Europe.

How does adding sound increase privacy and reduce distractions?

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The stars shine brightly against the night sky.
As dawn breaks, the stars appear to dim as the ambient light increases. The intensity of the starlight has not changed, but rather as the ambient light increases, it becomes more difficult to discern the light from the stars.

This is how Sound Masking works for human speech. As the ambient sound in the room increases, it becomes more challenging to discern an individual’s conversation from across the room.

This inability to understand the conversation reduces distractions and increases the speaker’s speech privacy.

Benefits to Your Business

Sound Masking can improve the acoustic environment in just about every situation by reducing the intelligibility of human speech and masking distractions.

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Who's Using Sound Masking

People working without distractions

Open plan spaces and break out POD areas are often too quiet because there is a lack of background noise. The addition of Sound Masking increases background noise and helps to alleviate distractions and keep conversations more private.