Sound Masking Products

What We Provide

The system provides precise control over where the masking sound is emitted. Therefore, sound masking is only dispersed in the spaces in which it is needed, preventing masking sound entering spaces where it is not required.

The system provides a uniform blanket of sound coverage throughout the workspace and is unaffected by ceiling design and the many obstructions that are often in the plenum (for example ventilation, lighting systems, air-conditioning etc.)

The sound is transmitted as four uncorrelated channels, eliminating any risk of phasing effects often associated with some systems. This creates a very pleasant and comfortable masking sound.

The systems can be installed into any workspace, can accommodate all ceiling types, can be easily added to at a later date (if required), and can offer paging and music functionality.

The sound masking frequency spectrum programmed into the system has been designed specifically to mask the frequencies of human speech in the most efficient way possible. The masking systems we provide are highly environmentally friendly, are Green Spec listed for their energy efficiency and have the lowest power consumption in the industry.

Qt® 100

QT 100

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QT Emitters

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