The benefits of sound masking in a commercial environment

Pubished on 30/04/2019

In recent years, sound masking has continued to increase in popularity due to the many benefits that come hand in hand with embracing noise reduction technology in commercial environments.

Using an ambient background noise that matches the frequency of human speech in order to successfully mask sound, sound masking is now frequently used in a wealth of office and other commercial spaces.

This is because sound masking can significantly improve the workplace environment, creating a pleasant and comfortable space where your employees can work, learn and share information, without high levels of noise or fear that confidently information is being easily leaked.

And here’s why…

Optimises privacy

One of the main reasons why many businesses are investing in sound masking is to optimise workplace privacy, especially in areas where sensitive and confidential information is being shared.

This is because sound-masking works by masking conversation as the spectrum of noise emitter from the speakers operates on the same frequency as human speech. This means that people outside of the room where a meeting or conference is being held, will not be able to hear conversations from within the room.

Safeguarding personal and business information, sound-masking technology makes it harder for information to be carried outside of the circle in which it is being shared.

A comfortable workplace

A noisy workplace can have a huge impact on productivity. After all, high levels of background noise or loud conversations not only pose increased privacy risks, but they are also highly distracting.

However, sound-masking technology works by masking those conversations, making it much harder to hear conversations from your colleagues, the conversations fade into the background which instantly paves the way for a quieter and more comfortable workplace.

No impact to office aesthetics

Sound masking technology can be concealed in your office so that it is virtually undetectable. This means that it will have no impact on the aesthetics of your office space.

Whether you opt to install it in tiles or the ceiling, it can be installed in a way that works for your office environment and it is also controlled in the same server space as your computer network.

Improve productivity

A bustling and noisy office space can be highly distracting, especially in work environments such as call centres and other busy office and telephony environments. After all, it doesn’t take much to lose your focus, right?

The good news is that sound masking technology is perfectly equipped to mask conversations so that productivity can be improved.

If you decide that sound masking is suitable for your business, it’s vital that it is installed correctly.

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